Thursday, March 17, 2011

No, I didn't fall off the face of the Earth!

Things have been crazy busy and I'm going through some personal stuff right now so I'm not as up on the blog as I'd like to be. But we are all doing well. Charlie HAS gained weight! She's over 26 lbs now, which is the most she has ever weighed! She's been acting like she's been having some tummy issues lately though, so I'm hoping to nip that in the bud and keep this weight on her. Her pediatrician said this is the healthiest he's ever seen her....we want to keep it that way!

Rockin' her new jeans...

Her new "thing"....curling up in a fetal position. It is REALLY hard to uncurl her!

We've added 2 new nurses to our case. Both of them seem great and are totally cool with all the "weird" things I do, like using cloth diapers. ;-) One of the nurse's moms is vegan, which is really cool. She sent her over with some hawaiian bundt cake and magazines for me. On that note, I'm officially down 47 lbs and in a size 6. Being vegan rocks. :-) And I asked them to check my iron the last time I took Charlie into the WIC office and they were kind enough to do that. It was plenty high at 12.4. I don't even supplement. So that made me feel good...I'm probably doing well in other areas even if I can't check on them at this time.

We also got a small increase in our nursing hours. I'm not going to work full-time like I planned, but I will be increasing my hours. And I will be taking Adrian to work with me, which is awesome! So since I won't be using so many of my nursing hours while I work, I'm looking forward to an overnight once in a while. Charlie has started this new thing where she doesn't want to sleep! I think it's more neurological than behavioral though, and we have a neurology appointment scheduled for next month, thank goodness.

I'm also planning on TRYING to start my own business. I want to make larger cloth diapers for special needs kids. So we'll see how that goes. That has been taking up some of my time too. I've already lined up testers and drafted patterns, I just need to place an order for supplies and get started!


sarah said...

So glad that everyone is doing well!

That is awesome that you have thought of something you enjoy that could bring in some money (and be home for the kids).I hope it does well for you. Maybe you can try to do some of your easier felt food to sell also.

eve said...

Fabulous to read your update!

I think I've commented a couple of times before, and your Miss Charlie just brings a smile to my face. I found your blog when I was doing some research for a client (I'm a birth doula who specializes in special needs births)

Hope your personal stuff passes peacefully. You are an inspiring mama, in so many ways.

Mom to JBG said...

I just happened upon your blog while looking for ways to pay for giant special needs car seats.

I might be a customer for over-sized cloth diapers, though!

Your kids are very sweet.