Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wow, it's been a long time again!

I really hate that I can't update as much as I used to. I guess it's a good thing that I don't NEED to update as much though, right? Charlie's health has been amazingly stable. She's now 30 lbs! And as soon as she put on the weight she also shot up another inch and a half, to 37.5". She's looking really, really good and I think we can level her off here for a while.

See, doesn't she look good?:

Adrian also had a growth spurt, he's now 47 lbs and 47". We took him to the feeding clinic only twice and all his issues seem to be resolved, or at least getting there. I don't think it was anything THEY did really. I think he thought, ""Holy crap, mom and dad are serious....I need to eat!", because he got a better attitude about it that very night after our first visit, before we even started any of the stuff they suggested. The key, for him, seems to be waking up his appetite soon after he gets up in the morning. If I can't get anything in him for several hours, his appetite is very poor all day. If I can just get a banana in him within a half hour, his appetite is in high gear all day long. So it's good to be understanding these things now. And his attitude is better so it's not *such* a struggle getting him to eat that banana.

One of Charlie's new nurses wasn't able to take on the case, but the other nurse has been with us for almost 2 months now I think. She gets a little stir-crazy and asked if she could take Charlie places. I said it was fine after a crash course in car seat safety (she learned some stuff for her own kids too!). So now Charlie gets to go on all sorts of "field trips" several times a week. It's great for her and she gets to go around other kids more.

See how happy she is?:

For Mother's Day I got out the camera and took some shots of Charlie outside (on the first nice day of spring, which took *forever* to get here!). I took 12 or 15 pictures and then arranged 4 of them in a frame, two of them being hand and feet shots, just because. It turned out really cute. I did one for my mom and one for me. Here's some of the pics:

And here's me at about 130 lbs! I've been hovering between 128 and 133 for a few months now. I'd like tone up a bit more and maybe lose a little more around my middle (I'm still carrying extra there, believe it or not) but I'm SO excited at how far I've come! And it's truly not hard at all to keep the weight off. I know people usually put it back on, but mine is staying off for good!

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Cheri said...

You all look great! Charlie looks so healthy. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering about how things were going.