Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

I hate that I haven't been able to update...things have been a little hectic lately!  Between Adrian and Charlie yesterday, we had 4 medical appointments.  Adrian had to go to the dentist because he broke a tooth.  It turns out it's just the adult tooth pushing on the baby tooth (with a crown) that caused the crown to break off.  They didn't even have to do anything with it.  He did have one tiny filling they were able to fix without even numbing him.  He was totally freaked out about visiting the dentist but he sat still and did what he was told because he knew he was getting a new Lego set out of the deal. :-D  Charlie visited the chiropractor with her nurse while we were at the dentist.  Now that she's very stable I figured she could start seeing him again.  So she's going 3 times a week now.  Then I dropped Adrian off with Grandma while me, Charlie, and her nurse went to Children's for an ultrasound of her salivary glands and a tube change.  After the tube change the nurse that schedules the salivary gland ablations caught up to us and told us there had been a cancellation and she could squeeze Charlie in this Friday!  Normally they have to schedule a month or so out.  What a week and it's only Tuesday!

Charlie's fundraiser has gone really well.  There is still time left on it, but we surpassed our goal so I'm not promoting it as much.  If you are interested in helping, I'd love it if you put the funds towards Lily's fundraiser.  They have a much bigger goal to reach and need the money more than we do!

Here's Charlie, doing her favorite thing...watching Netflix!  She even bothered to half look at me (while keeping one eye on the screen!) when I took her picture.

Babylegs had a big sale so I got some new pairs for Charlie really cheap!  Adrian was jealous of the Hello Kitty ones so he stole a pair one day and wore them on his arms until he got too hot.

How nice they look over her AFO's!

Looking super cool while out on a walk with her nurse!

Adrian had a fun day out with 2 of his best buds. We saw the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.  They got all sugared up and had a blast!

Since Adrian is going to school this year and the school menu looks less than desirable (lots of nuggets, burgers, nachos, and hot dogs) I've decided to send him with healthy lunches.  I splurged on a PlanetBox after hearing so many people rave about them.  The only downside to them is that they are pricey!  But after I got one for Adrian I realized just why they are so expensive...they are REALLY nice quality and just...awesome.  I ended up ordering one for myself as well!  I've been posting photos to my Facebook...you can see my whole PlanetBox album here.  I'm having a blast with these things!

I just applied for a job at a small, natural foods store.  The ladies were in there talking about sewing cloth diapers.  I was like "I SO need this job!".  If for no other reason than to get out more and talk to people who are into the same things I am. LOL

My health issues are resolving, thanks to wonders of prednisone.  I don't like that I have to take it, and I'm scared of the side effects, but I've been on it a week and I'm already seeing a noticeable difference!  I'm hoping to be back to normal sometime soon.  My body is all out of whack.  I've gained 25 lbs, I'm barely sleeping, and I have zero energy.  I'm SO tired of this!

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