Saturday, March 29, 2008

When I want to quit pumping...

This article keeps me going.

I've always known that there are huge differences between human milk and formula, but never imagined this. I see babies thrive on formula all the time, but I've just never felt "right" about giving it to my own kids. I guess something like this is what I was waiting to hear and it confirms that feeling I had in my gut all along.

I'm going to keep pumping for Charlie, no matter how much I hate it (and believe me, it is horrible). My short-term goal is 12 months, exclusively. After that, I plan to do a blenderized diet of nutritious foods, supplemented with breastmilk until at least 2 years. I won't quit pumping when she turns 2 though, if I still have milk. She will get milk until it dries up. I don't care if she's 5, or 10. Her brain needs it, probably much more than other kids!

Of course, if she figures out how to nurse and eat, it won't be such a big deal, as I will practice child-led weaning, just as I have with Adrian, who is still nursing several times a week at over 3 years.

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Emily said...

I love reading posts like this. It's so encouraging. I was only able to pump for my daughter for 17mos due to a number of factors . I wish I could have gone longer but psychologically I needed to stop and she was having so many GI issues and needed far far more than what I could provide. We were blessed that our insurance agreed to pay for 40oz a day of donor breastmilk from the milk bank. I have so much admiration for women who pump exclusively for their kiddos, especially their SN kiddos when you've got 100 things going on in your life at any given time.