Saturday, April 5, 2008

Maybe she thought he was tasty?

We have an odd co-sleeping arrangement in our house. Because we believe in sharing our bed, yet like our own space, we have a queen and a full pushed together. I sleep on the full with Charlie on the outside, next to her equipment. Adrian usually sleeps either on the other side of me, or closer to Tim. Tim sleeps on the queen closest to the wall.

A few nights ago, I decided I missed sleeping next to my husband so I moved Charlie's equipment and set it on the full bed, in the middle. I stuck Adrian on the outside, Charlie on the inside, and I climbed in next to Tim. I really thought it would work out. LOL

In the middle of the night, Charlie woke up and needed comforted, so I picked her up, but I was so tired, apparently I forgot to put her back and she ended up in my arms between me and Tim. Tim woke up going, "What the hell, why is there a kid behind me?" I apologized and moved her to the other side. Then Adrian woke up and wanted me, so I let him crawl in between me and Charlie. Yes, all 4 of us were crammed into one bed at that point. LOL Nobody got any sleep.

The next morning I told Tim I wasn't trying that again since it was a total disaster. He agreed and said it surprised him to find Charlie next to him and he said, "I probably wouldn't have even woken up, but she was *biting* me!" Biting you huh? She has no teeth! I think she might have been sucking on his arm. Again, you take these things for granted with a typical kid. But I was like, "Whoohoo, she was sucking on his arm!" LOL

And I remember why sleeping next to Tim is no walk in the park. Ever had a 200 lb man elbow you in the back? And the jack-hammer like snoring is much quieter when you are 6 feet away. I think I'll stick to my side of the bed from now on.

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