Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Half-Birthday!

Yep, Miss Charlie is 6 months old today! A while after she was born, when we understood the extent of her brain damage, I tried to picture what she would be like later. I would always try to picture her at 6 months. That's a good, round number right? I never tried to be too optimistic. I was optimistic before they told me she had brain damage and I got crushed and I vowed never to get my hopes up again. I don't have any expectations of Charlie. I won't be crushed if she never walks, talks, or eats. I just want to give her every opportunity to do what she CAN.

I think at 6 months I thought she'd be more aware and maybe even trying to grab toys. And handling her secretions better. She's not *quite* there, but she is well on her way. The smiling and interacting she's been doing lately shows me she's very aware of her surroundings, even if she doesn't show it most of the time. There is this one toy she does try to hit, so even though she isn't trying to *grasp* toys yet, at least she's trying to get to them. Yesterday, I put a toy in her hand and she held onto it for a couple of minutes. I moved her arm up and down for her, so the toy would go in front of her face. At one point, just by the look on her face, I could tell she was like, "So THIS is what my hands are for!" She was *really* studying that toy and how her arm was going up and down. Her secretions are still her biggest hurdle, I think. This is the one area where I am letting myself be optimistic. I trust her speech therapist when she says most kids outgrow the need for suctioning. I've noticed that many of the kids in the on-line HIE communities don't need suctioned when they had to be before.

So Happy 6 Months sweet girl! Let's hope your second six months are better to you!


Anonymous said...

Great update! I have been wondering about you guys. Sounds like she is well on her way. Therapy is awesome, isn't it? Happy 6mth B-day Charlie!!

-Melissa- AKA: lovinwaves at

Anonymous said...

Happy half-birthday sweet girl!!!

Vanessa and John said...

CHarlie is so cute! Happy half birthday!

Mom2Madolyn said...

She is so precious! She is doing very well! I'm so happy for her!