Monday, April 7, 2008

The results of Charlie's sleep study...

...were not so great. :-(

From 7:50 pm to 5:25 am, she had 22 awakenings, and she only slipped into REM sleep 3 times for a total of 9 minutes. She had 27 apneas, 17 central, 4 obstructive, and 6 mixed. She has abnormal thoracic abdominal asynchrony, whatever that is. Her lowest O2 saturation was 80%. For a total of 70 minutes, her O2 levels were less than 90%. She snored 50% of the time.

She didn't have any seizure activity though and her heartrate was ok, no bradycardias or cardiac dysrhythmias.

"Interpretation: This is an abnormal polysomnographic study. Sleep efficiency is significantly reduced. REM stage sleep is reduced. REM onset latency is significantly reduced. Snorning was noted 50% of the night with evidence of severe obstructive sleep apnea."

So she's being referred to an ENT to see what we can do to help her.

I do have to note though, that during her sleep study was probably the worst night she's had since we've been home. She does NOT like the hospital and is extremely stressed out when we have to stay the night for any reason. Normally she does wake during the night because she needs comforted or suctioned, but she usually has a couple of good few-hour-long stretches where she sleeps quietly and peacefully. I do know that she has trouble breathing at night though, so I'm glad we got this done.


Vanessa and John said...

Giuli always desats at night when she gets into a deep sleep, so she is on o2 at night, just 1/2 liter but it does the trick!  I would run that by the pulmo as a conservative treatment.  ALso, we keep her on a pulse ox at night which i double as an apnea monitor without the loud noise!

Shauna said...

I'm going to push for O2 and a pulse ox. At least for now. Her stats aren't terribly low, but she could definitely use some help. :-)