Friday, August 22, 2008

Awesome strangers and great Craigslist finds....

I got a PM from someone on my car seat message board a few days ago. She had come across a Craigslist posting she thought I might be interested in. It was for 2 special needs chairs, both the perfect size for Charlie. They only wanted $100 for both!

Medicaid will not pay for anything until she's at least a year old and her seating clinic isn't even until the end of october, so I've been trying to get a hold of something that will support her more than her baby stuff (which are not only unsupportive, but also almost too small for her!). I've even been designing a chair, but by the time get it figured out, get the supplies, and get help making it, she'll probably already have gotten her chair! I called the local SN preschool, but I'm still waiting for a call back and who knows if they will even have something to loan us!

So I get this PM. And it is almost too good to be true! This is just some random stranger on a message board, willing to help me get these chairs and even ship them! I told her I was definitely interested and gave her my number so she could call me if she had questions. I got a call later that night. She was right there looking at them and she thought they looked pretty roughed up, mostly just dirty. I told her it would be her call since she could actually see them and could tell if they were even salvagable. She said she'd call me back. So 20 minutes later she calls me. She talked them down to $50!!! And then she took them home and cleaned them up. How awesome is that? We figured out how to collapse the KidKart and she fit them into boxes and gave me an estimate on shipping. It's going to be a little over $100 total. I still have to get the money out to her (she knew beforehand that Tim didn't get paid until thursday) but once I do, these will be on our way to us!

Thanks Mel!!!

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ady said...

Wow, that is amazing!!! What a sweet lady!!