Friday, August 22, 2008

Ten little monkeys...

Charlie has a new favorite game. Pat-a-cake got boring I guess. I sing "ten little monkeys" and I get her really into it with movement and signs. Here's how it goes:

"Ten (sign ten) little monkeys jumping on the bed" (I grab her legs and bounce them up and down)
"One fell off and bumped (bonk her head *gently*) his head"
"Mama called the doctor and the doctor said..."
(wag my finger at her while bouncing her on my leg) "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

And of course we countdown all the way to zero monkeys. When people see me bonk her head they get a shocked look on thier face, but I'm not hurting her. I'm barely tapping her, and she *loves* it. That is her favorite part! I'm glad ASL numbers can be signed with one hand because I have to hold her in my other. And halfway through the song, I make her work for it because I stop singing and make her tell me that she wants more. I'm not sure I've mentioned it yet, but I'm teaching her to communicate with the one part of her body that works somewhat normally...her right arm. She has pretty good control over it, so she uses it to tell me when she wants to play more. She uses it kind of for the word "again". I consider this her first official "word". She's a smart kiddo, she just needs a little help and guidance!

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