Friday, October 17, 2008

Charlie has a new car seat!

And another "generous internet stranger" story...

I had been looking at getting the Radian80 for Charlie once she outgrew the Diplomat but that is probably a year from now. The Radian has a very high shell which is great for extended rear-facing and it has padding that is great for lateral support, which Charlie very much needs. Then, once she is forward-facing, it harnesses to 80 lbs and has very high top slots, and the padding can be used as a head support. So the Radian is quite possibly a GREAT special needs seat. What can I say...I like to plan ahead! So guess what I got in the mail the other day? Yup, a Radian80! I cannot name names, but someone out there (well a couple of people actually) were very generous and provided Miss Charlie with a seat that will last her a long, long time!

Of course, I have pics!

See how much more room she has above her head! I think even Adrian might still be able to fit rear-facing in this, if he were not over the weight limit (yes, my skinny little boy has been packing on the lbs lately and finally pushed 35!).

I still have to make some minor adjustments. I think the straps need moved up to the third slots. I will probably remove the harness covers. And I will probably replace the chest clip with a Britax one (this is SKJP approved) because I don't like how the little one pulls the harness so close to her neck. Because there's no headwings like the Diplomat, I have to roll a receiving blanket and put it beside her head, but that's no big deal considering what I was trying to do in the Diplomat to keep her torso straight!

Thanks, generous internet strangers!!! ;-)

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Estelle said...

Wonderful! I am glad you have a new seat that will meet her needs! She certainly looks comfy and it will last forever!