Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We started Charlie on the Robinul and it did help a bit with her secretions. At least she wasn't blowing bubbles out her nose every 10 minutes anymore. But after about 2 days, I noticed she had more residuals than normal, which is a common side effect of Robinul...It can slow down the digestive tract. But it wasn't too bad. She wasn't puking or anything. Then 2 days later I put her to bed and 4 hours later I heard her coughing and gagging and found her *covered* in vomit. Not a little....head to toe, bed soaked, splattered the walls kind of vomit.

So I thought maybe she didn't agree with something in her blend. I got a new bag of formula instead and started it. I diluted it more than normal too, just in case. And hour later....head to toe vomit again. I turned her rate down by almost half and started her again. .....And again. She just wouldn't digest anything! So I stopped her completely, skipped her Robinul and just gave her diluted apple juice the next day until she acted hungry in the evening. I had to start her slow, but she seemed ok. After 2 full days off the Robinul, she was handling her normal rate again.


So we have to wait until her pulm appointment to see if we can try anything else.

I really don't understand how she was doing so well a few months ago and now we suction her more than when she just left the NICU. :-(


Vanessa and John said...

Just a thought, has she been on abx recently? Maybe she is trying to kick something? When giuli did this for an extended period of time, she got meds and cleared up a few days later! What an awesome gift !! And you don't know who did it? Soo cool!

Anonymous said...

She's constantly on abx. She takes erythromycin for her motility and you'd think that would help a bit. Plus she just finished up a whole bunch for the pneumonia she just had. But she's been like this for a few months now. We don't know why. She was doing SO well before. I do wonder if all the seizures are causing her to regress or something.

And I do know who sent the car seat but I just can't say. It's confidential. :-)


ady said...

Oh, no fun!! Maybe you could try saltropine instead? Kylee's on both, but I think the saltropine works better. She gets flushed about an hour after the dose but it only lasts a little while. Just tryin' to think of something to help! :)