Monday, September 28, 2009

Nurse is back tomorrow!!!

Yay! I made it through the whole 10 days! And only forgot a few med doses. And forgot to empty her suction canister a couple of days. That gets kind of stinky. :-/ She hasn't missed a single breathing treatment and she's been bathed about every other day. At least I didn't flake out on anything too serious. LOL I'm sooo ready to just have a day to do NOTHING after all of that. I know I probably sound like a whiny baby right now. MOST parents don't ever get full days off so I know I'm lucky for that reason. I don't know, I guess I feel all the extra stuff balances it out. I mean, I have a typical child so I know how much usually goes into parenting, and yeah in a lot of ways, Charlie is my "easy" one, but it's really hard to explain WHY taking care of her is so exhausting. I guess it's because I'm technically doing mommy duty AND doing full-time nursing duty? Her being my kid doesn't mean I do anything less than a nurse would. And I don't get paid $20 and hour to do it! (I wish...) But now I have a LOT of respect for people who don't have help. For that reason alone, I'm ok with never leaving Ohio.

Chilling out in her car seat, watching Sesame Street. So comfy, she fell asleep after just a few minutes!

Much happier after her nap!

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