Saturday, July 30, 2011


I didn't get a chance to update. We're home from the hospital after 8 days inpatient! She started having low blood pressure problems her 3rd day there, so that delayed things even more. They are now stating that her blood pressure was low because of all her meds, but I don't buy it. Why would she suddenly have problems after taking all the same meds for like 2 years? Anyway, I refused to leave without a blood pressure cuff so I can check her at home. She spent most of the 8 days just passed out in bed. She'd wake up and look around, but then fall back asleep. She didn't really even smile or vocalize. She definitely wasn't kicking or waving her arms. We never really did find anything "wrong" with her. We did tinker with her meds some and she came off the oxygen yesterday, so maybe we're onto something. But now she's not sleeping at night because of the same med tinkering. *sigh* We just can't win.

Looking like hell on our way out of the hospital:

A little bit back to her old self yesterday:

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