Monday, August 15, 2011

End of summer :-(

I'm so sad that summer is coming to an end. I know most people get sick of the heat and can't wait for fall, but not me! I LOVE summer! I am enjoying the slightly cooler we've been having lately though. Charlie can go for more walks and not overheat. And Adrian's laundry doesn't stink up the bathroom anymore from his sweat. :-/ I'm just dreading the inevitable snow and ice.

I went back and forth all summer about sending Adrian to school. I'm feeling pressure to put him in school and I'm also concerned about making it work for another year. Seeing as how I AM a working mom, I have to be extra careful with time management in order to get in all the "school" we need to. I wish I could just spend entire days baking, or doing science experiments, knowing we'll "catch up" on math and spelling the next day. But that won't happen. So after agonizing for over a month I'm 99% sure I'll be homeschooling again, knowing I'm going to have to be extremely disciplined to make it work. I've picked out some curriculum books and I'm just waiting on my next paycheck to buy them. I printed out a leveled reading list and carefully sorted it into a folder to take to the library with us. Even though we never took a break from schoolwork for the summer, I'm eager to get into our 1st grade routine.

I bought Adrian a loft bed and got it all set up. And actually got him to SLEEP in it! Imagine that!

Charlie out strolling on a nicer day:

Check out this autonomic flush :-o

Not so bad on this side:

I'm still LOVING Charlie's haircut! Best decision I ever made! It doesn't always want to do what it's "supposed" to, but then again it never did. At least now she doesn't have dried spit in her hair all the time. And she's cute no matter what. Even if her hair sticks up.

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Cat said...

I'm so happy to hear you've made a decision about Adrian's schooling! No matter what you choose, its important to stick with it and know that its the right choice, no matter what others may think. You know his needs better than anyone else does, so don't let the nay-sayers try to convince you otherwise. If you decide at some point he needs to go off to school instead, it won't be an issue and he'll transition just fine.

Oh, and Missa wants to know when she can play with him again. I told her I'd check with you about it.