Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just a few pics...

Ok first, look how big she is getting!!! It's hard to tell when she's all folded up in a chair, but laid out on the floor and stretched out you can see how long she is. Those are 5T pants!

And she has some stuff going on idea what, but possibly autonomic. She did have an ear infection, but that wouldn't explain the really high fevers, freezing limbs, flushed face, high heart rate, etc. I was hoping to drop one of her doses of oxycodone, but I guess now is not the time to try! I really want to stop getting up in the middle of the night for meds though.

I put her in the car this morning and she's even closer to outgrowing her car seat! Eek! Will this child ever slow down!?

And a pic of the headboard and picture frames/memo boards. The comforter came but we are still waiting on the other things. And the bed of course. Hurry up Grandma, we need that bed!!! LOL I can't wait to redo her room!

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eve said...

I really should comment more ;)

I love how you write about your Charlie girl. You have a way of making even little updates so full of the adoration you have for your darling red head(s). You're such a great mama.

Anywho, had to throw in my vote for the recaro.. my bio kids are NT, but a friend of mine has a sweet fell who also suffered an HIE during/right before he's hypo & hypertonic. She's sort of "eh" with her Britax. But has tried
our recaro & really liked it.
We had a prosport that rocked..huge support. Now we're rocking the start booster.
Good luck!!

And thanks again for sharing your fabulous , smiling kids & your creative , loving life with the rest of us.

you rock mama

~ eve