Friday, November 4, 2011

Just playing around...

I downloaded a free pic collage app and had some fun playing with it. can anyone not love this child!?

Brother and sister:

Adrian...he's changed so much!

Yeah I know the pictures aren't centered real well on that last one. Scrapbooking in any form is not my strong point. LOL

So Charlie is outgrowing her crib and I don't like the options we have for medical beds. I was going to build her a really cool medical bed, but goodness knows it'll be a while before I get around to it. For the time being, my mom is giving us her old double bed. It'll work for a while. Who knows, it might be the last bed she needs. Right now, if we laid her in the middle of it, she wouldn't wiggle enough to fall out, not even close. In the future that may change and we'll have to reconsider something with sides. But for now it works. I'm getting SUPER excited about redoing her whole room! My mom got us a headboard and 2 picture frames for $50. They are super cute...white with squares of purple and pink and the whole butterfly thing going on. I need to get a pic, but I haven't even fully taken it out of the packaging yet. I was browsing for bedding and came across this (which also comes in a double size):

It's absolutely perfect so I got everything but the rug. It came to $110. So for $160 total she's getting a whole new big-girl room! Very exciting.

We just got approval for the car seat. I'm still sorting out which one to get her. I had picked the Britax Traveller, but I was told we could get a non-SN one, so I'm a little hung up on the Recaro Proride. I'd really like to try her in both but I don't know if that is going to happen. The DME guy doesn't seem to think it will (they don't keep stuff like that IN the store, they just order it specially).

The Recaro reclines forward-facing and would be more supportive on the sides. The limits are much lower than the Traveller, but I intend to transport Charlie in her chair eventually. I'm not going to be lifting her in and out of her car seat when she's 60 lbs, ya know? I WILL make a decision eventually!

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